Installing the OpenVPN Client on Android

For devices running Android there is a free OpenVPN app in the Google Play store that works excellently without needing root access. It is called OpenVPN for Android by Arne Schwabe.

The OpenVPN Client Export Package can export an Android type Inline Configuration compatible with the app.

  • Export an Android type inline configuration from the OpenVPN Client Export package

  • Transfer this .ovpn file to the target device

    It can be copied directly, e-mailed to the device, or by other similar methods of copying files to the device.

  • Open the OpenVPN for Android app

  • Tap Import (File folder icon at upper right)

  • Find the .ovpn file saved above and tap it

  • Tap Import (Disk icon at upper right)

The app shows the imported VPN in the connection list. Edit the entry to change the name and other details.

Tap the VPN to connect. If the OpenVPN server requires user authentication, the app will prompt for credentials when connecting.


The Android OpenVPN Connect client also works on Android and does not require root. It works identically to the iOS client by the same name. It lacks the ability to fully configure the VPN in the GUI, so it is not as convenient to use. Use the OpenVPN Connect type Inline Configuration export for use with that client on both Android and iOS.