Using Mobile One-Time Passwords with FreeRADIUS

Using Mobile-One-Time-Password (mOTP) with the FreeRADIUS package.

Enable Mobile-One-Time-Password (OTP) support

This documentation will cover many parts from installation, configuration, modification, and more from here.

A one time password is a password which can be only used one time and will be only usable within a short time period (10s). So it can be compared with the handling of tokens from RSA SecureID.

This kind of password generation makes sense in some scenarios but not in all. It probably makes no sense to use these passwords in the office - there shouldn’t be any attacker. But the mOTP could make sense for Road Warriors. Most of them use an state of the art mobile phone and a notebook to connect to the company VPN. For more take a look at the chapter below: Miscellaneous configuration and hints

pfSense® software configuration:

  • Enable Mobile-One-Time-Password in FreeRADIUS > Settings

This will install the script in /usr/local/etc/raddb/scripts/ To execute the script it needs the additional package bash. This will be installed automatically.

FreeRADIUS configuration:

  • Create a user in FreeRADIUS > Users

  • Enter a username but do not enter any password!

  • Check Enable Mobile-One-Time-Password For This User

  • Enter the Init-Secret. The init-secret will be created on the client (mobile device, mobile phone)

  • Enter the PIN. Every time the user wants to generate a new password with his mobile token then he has to enter the PIN and then the token generates a one-time-password.

  • The Offset should be zero by default. If the mobile token is on another time zone than the FreeRADIUS server then correct the offset. If the mobile device changes its time zone automatically than there is no need to do this.

Miscellaneous configuration and hints:

  • The configuration for different mobile devices can be found here.

  • And here is the software for mobile devices.

  • Please read the limitations to make sure how secure this is.

  • mOTP will probably not work with EAP, CHAP, MSCHAP.

  • A generated one-time-password can be used for ~20 seconds. For example the Windows token generator generates new tokens every ~10 seconds. Perhaps other token generators use other timespans for generating tokens. FreeRADIUS and the OTP script accept tokens which were generated within the last 20 seconds.