Installing and Upgrading

Hardware from the Netgate Store is pre-loaded with pfSense® Plus software. To reinstall with pfSense CE software or to install pfSense CE software to other hardware, download an installer image as described in this chapter. To reinstall pfSense Plus software on Netgate hardware, contact Netgate TAC for installation images.


Hardware pre-loaded with pfSense software from commercial vendors other than the Netgate Store or authorized partners must not be trusted. Third parties may have made unauthorized, unknown alterations or additions to the software. Selling pre-loaded copies of pfSense software is a violation of the Trademark Usage Guidelines.

If pfSense software was pre-loaded on third party hardware by a vendor, wipe the system and reinstall it with a genuine copy.

See also

If something goes wrong during the installation process, see Troubleshooting Installation Issues.

This chapter also covers upgrading pfSense software installations (Upgrade Guide) which keeps them up-to-date with the latest security, bug fixes, and new features. This includes the new ability to Migrate from pfSense® CE software to Netgate pfSense Plus software.