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Netgate Documentation

Our product documentation covers TNSR® and pfSense® software on Netgate hardware, cloud services, virtual machines, and more. Whether you are new to firewalls, or a seasoned veteran, our docs offer something for everyone.

pfSense Security Gateway Platform

pfSense Security Gateway Manuals

These manuals will help you get started with your new pfSense Security Gateway or help you get it back up and running.

pfSense Documentation

Thoroughly detailed information and continually updated instructions, from the core developers themselves, on how to best operate pfSense software.

TNSR Secure Networking Platform

TNSR Platform Manuals

These manuals will help you with your new TNSR platform, whether it's on a Netgate device, white box, VM, or cloud instance. This is the information needed to get started or back up and running.

TNSR Documentation

This documentation has all the details needed to fully configure your TNSR platform, from the basics of TNSR all the way to the complexities of implementing different applications.

Other Netgate Products

Other Netgate Manuals

Quick Start Guides, Reinstallation Guides, and other documentation for Netgate hardware not bundled with software.