The Status menu entries display status information and logs for various system components and services.

Captive Portal

When Captive Portal is enabled, this entry shows user and voucher status.

See Captive Portal Status.

CARP (failover)

Shows the status of CARP IP addresses on this firewall, such as MASTER/BACKUP state for each CARP VIP. Also has controls for HA maintenance mode.

See CARP Status.


A shortcut back to the main page of the firewall GUI, which displays general system information.

See Dashboard.

DHCP leases

Shows a list of all IPv4 DHCP leases assigned by this firewall and provides controls based on those leases, such as adding static mappings.

See DHCPv4 Leases.

DHCPv6 leases

Shows a list of all IPv6 DHCP leases assigned by this firewall.

See DHCPv6 Status.

DNS Resolver

Shows the contents of the DNS resolver infrastructure cache.

See DNS Resolver Status.

Filter Reload

Shows the status of the last filter reload request, including active reload actions. Also provides a means to force a filter reload, and to force an XMLRPC configuration sync when HA is configured.

See Filter Reload Status.


Shows the status of gateways, and gateway groups for multiple WANs.

See Gateway Status.


Shows the hardware status for network interfaces, equivalent to using ifconfig on the console.

See Interface Status.


Shows the status of any configured IPsec tunnels.

See IPsec Status.


Shows graphed data for system statistics such as bandwidth used, CPU usage, firewall states, etc.

See Monitoring Graphs.


Shows the status of the Network Time Protocol server daemon.

See NTP Daemon Status.


Shows the status of any configured OpenVPN instances.

See OpenVPN Server and Client Status.


Shows the status of traffic shaping queues.

See ALTQ Traffic Shaper Queue Monitoring.


Shows the status of system and package service daemons.

See Service Status.

System logs

Shows logs from the system and system services such as the firewall, DHCP, VPNs, etc.

See System Logs.

Traffic graph

Displays a dynamic real-time traffic graph for an interface.

See Traffic Graphs.


Shows a list of any currently active UPnP port forwards. This entry is only present when the firewall contains more than one interface.

See UPnP & NAT-PMP Status.


Shows a list of any currently available wireless networks in range, along with signal levels. This menu entry is only present if the firewall has an assigned wireless interface.

See Wireless Status.