The status of the DHCP server service itself is at Status > Services. If the DHCP server is enabled, its status will be shown as Running, as in Figure DHCP Daemon Service Status. The buttons on the right side allow restarting or stopping the DHCP server daemon. Restarting is not normally necessary as pfSense® will automatically restart the service when configuration changes are made that require a restart. Stopping the service is also likely not necessary, as the service will stop when all instances of the DHCP server are disabled.


DHCP Daemon Service Status


The currently assigned DHCP leases are viewable at Status > DHCP leases. This page shows various aspects of the client leases. These include:

  • The assigned IP address

  • The client MAC address

  • The hostname (if any) that the client sent as part of the DHCP request

  • The description for a host with a DHCP static mapping

  • The beginning and end times of the lease

  • Whether or not the machine is currently online (in the ARP table)

  • Whether or not the lease is active, expired, or a static registration

View inactive leases

By default, only active and static leases are shown, but everything, including the expired leases, may be displayed by clicking Show all configured leases. To reduce the view back to normal, click Show active and static leases only.

Wake on LAN Integration

Clicking the fa-power-off icon to the right of the lease sends a Wake on LAN (WOL) packet to that host. Click fa-plus-square to create a WOL entry for the MAC address instead. For more details about Wake on LAN, see Wake on LAN.

Add static mapping

To create a static mapping from a dynamic lease, click fa-plus-square-o the to the right of the lease. This will pre-fill the MAC address of that host into the Edit static mapping screen. Add the desired IP address, hostname and description and click Save.

Delete a lease

While viewing the leases, an inactive or expired lease may be manually deleted by clicking fa-trash at the end of its line. This option is not available for active or static leases, only for offline or expired leases.

DHCP Service Logs

The DHCP daemon will log its activity to Status > System Logs, on the DHCP tab. Each DHCP request and response will be displayed, along with other status and error messages.