The System menu contains choices for the firewall itself, general and advanced options, updates, add-on packages, users, and routing.


Advanced settings for the firewall, hardware, SSH, notifications, tunables, and many others.

See Advanced Configuration Options.

Cert Manager

Manage Certificate Authorities, Certificates, and Certificate Revocation Lists (x.509).

See Certificate Management.

General Setup

General settings such as hostname, domain, and DNS servers.

See General Configuration Options.

High Avail. Sync

Controls how nodes running pfSense® software in a High Availability (HA) cluster synchronize states and configuration.

See High Availability Synchronization Settings.


Logs out of the GUI, returning the user back to the login screen.

See User Management and Authentication.

Package Manager

Additional software add-ons for pfSense software to expand its functionality.

See Packages.


Manage gateways, static routes, and gateway groups for using multiple WANs.

See Routing.

Setup wizard

The Setup Wizard performs the basic initial configuration.

See Setup Wizard.


Upgrade pfSense software to the latest version.

See Upgrading using the GUI.

User Manager

Manage users, groups, and authentication servers (RADIUS or LDAP) for GUI access, VPN access, etc.

See User Management and Authentication.

User Password Manager

Self-service user password manager. Allows GUI users to change their own password.

See User Password Manager

User Settings

If per-user settings are enabled, this page provides a way for users to override default behavior options found under General Setup.