Viewing DHCPv6 Leases

A list of active and inactive DHCPv6 Leases (DHCP leases for IPv6 hosts) and delegated prefixes can be viewed in pfSense® software by navigating to Status > DHCPv6 Leases.

All active leases are shown, along with the IPv6 address, IAID, DUID, MAC address, hostname, lease start and end times, lease type, and whether or not the system is online. (As with the NDP Table, this is not always a reliable indicator)

IPv6 hosts are identified by a combination of the Interface Association Identifier (IAID) and the DHCP Unique Identifier (DUID). The DUID is meant to be unique per device and the IAID is unique per interface on the device. Due to variances in DHCPv6 clients between operating systems and manufacturers some clients do not send an IAID, and some DUID values are sized differently than others.

To view expired leases, click Show All Configured Leases. To switch the view back, click Show Active and Static Leases.

A DHCPv6 static IP mapping may be added by clicking fa-plus. An offline dynamic lease may be deleted by clicking fa-trash.

Delegated Prefixes

When Prefix Delegation is enabled, the bottom of the page lists delegated prefixes and their routing. Similar to the lease status, the DUID of the target system is shown along with the start and end time of the delegation. The IPv6 Prefix column shows the delegated prefixes, their prefix length, and the address to which they are routed. The target address and DUID will match one of the leases in the list at the top of the screen.