The NTP status page shows the status of each NTP peer server. This status page can be found at Status > NTP. An example of the status is shown in Figure NTP Daemon Status With GPS Output.


NTP Daemon Status With GPS Output

The status screen contains one line for every peer, and lists the peer IP address or server ID, the reference clock ID for the peer and various other values that indicate the general quality of the NTP server from the perspective of this firewall. The first column is the most useful, as it indicates which peer is currently the active peer for time sync, which servers are potential candidates to be peers, and which servers have been rejected and why.

If a serial GPS is connected and configured, the coordinates reported by the GPS device are also listed, along with a link to the coordinates on Google Maps.


The quality of GPS data can vary widely depending on the signal level, the GPS device, and how it is connected. Traditional serial ports are higher quality and better suited to GPS clock usage. USB serial GPS units may be acceptable, but due to how USB functions, the timing of signals cannot be guaranteed the way it can be with a traditional hard-wired serial port.