The Firewall menu entries configure firewall rules, NAT rules, and their supporting structure.


Manages collections of IP addresses, networks, or ports to simplify rule creation and management.

See Aliases.


Manages NAT rules that control port forwards, 1:1 NAT, and Outbound NAT behavior.

See Network Address Translation.


Configures firewall rules. This page contains one tab for each configured interface, plus tabs for groups and different VPN types, when enabled.

See Introduction to the Firewall Rules screen.


Manages time-based rule schedules.

See Time Based Rules.

Traffic Shaper

Manages traffic shaping/Quality of Service (QoS) settings.

See Traffic Shaper.

Virtual IPs

Configure Virtual IP addresses which allow pfSense® software to handle traffic for more than one IP address per interface, typically for NAT rules or High Availability.

See Virtual IP Addresses.