Filter Reload Status

The page at Status > Filter Reload displays the current status of a filter reload. It also contains controls to perform a manual reload, and a button to force an XMLRPC configuration synchronization attempt.

After making a filter change in the GUI and applying changes, the information box on the page contains a link to this page to monitor the filter reload progress.

Reload Status

This section of the page displays the progress of the reload and it is updated automatically as the process progresses. New messages are placed at the bottom of the output, so scroll down to read the most recent entries.

In most cases updates happen fast enough that Done. is the only message shown, indicating that there are no pending changes. With larger configurations, some delays are possible.

Reload Filter

The fa-refresh Reload Filter button initiates a manual filter reload. As the process progresses, the page automatically updates with the most recent output.

XMLRPC Synchronization

If this firewall is part of a high availability cluster and has XMLRPC configuration synchronization enabled, the page displays a fa-clone Force Config Sync button.

The fa-clone Force Config Sync button triggers a forced synchronization of the firewall configuration by XMLRPC to the node specified by the current XMLRPC synchronization configuration.

As with a typical filter reload, the page updates automatically as the process progresses.