Checking the Status of OpenVPN Clients and Servers

The OpenVPN status page at Status > OpenVPN shows the status of each OpenVPN server and client. Service start/stop controls are also available for each separate server and client instance on the status page.

For OpenVPN servers in SSL/TLS server mode, the status provides a list of connected remote clients along with their usernames or certificate common names, as seen in Figure OpenVPN Status for SSL/TLS Server With One Connected Client. Clients may also be disconnected from this screen by clicking the fa-times at the end of the client row. For these servers a fa-plus-circle Show Routing Table button is also displayed. Clicking this button will show a table of networks and IP addresses connected through each client certificate.


OpenVPN Status for SSL/TLS Server With One Connected Client

For OpenVPN servers in shared key mode, the status will indicate whether it’s running and waiting on connections, or if the remote client has connected.

For OpenVPN clients, the status indicates whether a connection is pending or active.


OpenVPN Status Showing a Server that is up, one waiting for a Connection, and a Client Attempting to Reconnect