OSPF Status

The status page for OSPF can be found at Status > FRR, OSPF tab. It can also be accessed by visiting the Status tab while configuring OSPF options.

See also

For general FRR status information, see FRR Status.

OSPF General

General information about the OSPF process, active configuration, and operation.

OSPF Neighbors

A list of OSPF neighbors detected by FRR and their status.


If a neighbor is stuck in a state such as “ExStart”, check that the interface MTUs match. Consider checking the interface option to Ignore MTU which will bypass this check.

OSPF Routes

A list of routes being advertised to OSPF and received from OSPF. The list is broken into three parts:

OSPF Network Routing Table:

A list of internal networks and their status, how they are reached through neighbors and areas, etc.

OSPF Router Routing Table:

A list of other routers through which OSPF networks are reached.

OSPF External Routing Table:

A list of external routes from OSPF.

OSPF Database

The OSPF link state database with information about each known router and area.

OSPF Router Database

Detailed information about OSPF routers and how they are connected.

OSPF Interfaces

Detailed information about interfaces on the firewall and how they are used by OSPF.


The amount of CPU time used by OSPF for various tasks and threads.

OSPF Memory

The amount of memory (RAM) used by OSPF for various tasks and threads.