FRR Status

The status page for FRR can be found at Status > FRR or on the Status tab.

Accessing the Status tab from Global Settings shows an overview of FRR and basic information from all active routing protocols.

The protocol and daemon-specific tabs (Zebra, BGP, OSPF, OSPF6, BFD) display more detailed information related to each area.

The Configuration tab shows the current configuration file (frr.conf).

Output Limits and Filtering

Most sections on the status page limit the amount of data shown to ensure that the GUI does not get overwhelmed when dealing with large amounts of data, such as from full BGP feeds.

There are two options which govern the output shown in each area of the status page:

Display XX of YY items

This option controls the number of items the GUI will display for that area. There are several values to choose from as well as an all selection which displays everything.


Do not select all when using full BGP feeds or other sources of large routing data. Attempting to display that much data will cause the status page to fail, or will drastically reduce performance.

Filter expression

This option filters the output so it only includes lines which match the given expression. This can be a simple string to match or a regular expression pattern.

Zebra Status

The zebra daemon orchestrates all of the other protocol and related daemons in FRR. As such, it has general information about the operation of FRR in general, plus information which spans across multiple routing protocols.

Zebra Routes

The complete IPv4 routing table known to zebra, including notations for routes sent from and received through each protocol.

The first column of output contains codes which are explained in the output header. These codes can also explain which routes are associated with each type of :ref:dynamicrouting-protocol-lists.


The output here may differ from the OS routing table visible at Diagnostics > Routes as not every route in FRR may be set to be active there.

Example entries:

  • B>* [20/0] via, ipsec4000, weight 1, 4d01h00m

    • This route was received from BGP (B), selected for use (>) and is in the firewall routing table (FIB, *).

  • O [110/10] is directly connected, vmx1, weight 1, 5d15h55m

    • This route is being advertised to OSPF neighbors (O, but directly connected).

  • O>* [110/20] via, ipsec4000 onlink, weight 1, 4d01h39m

    • This route was received from OSPF (O), selected for use (>) and is in the firewall routing table (FIB, *).

Zebra IPv6 Routes

Same as Zebra Routes but for IPv6 routes.

Zebra CPU

CPU usage statistics for the zebra daemon and its various threads.

Zebra Interfaces

Information about system interfaces as seen by zebra. This may also include information relevant to interface participation in specific routing protocols.

Zebra Memory

Memory usage statistics for various data used by zebra.