Raw FRR Configurations

Rather than using the GUI, administrators can opt to manually manage the FRR configuration. This allows for more complex configurations than can be supported in the GUI, but is also more prone to error and less capable of acting dynamically based on certain factors such as changing interface addresses.

Manual TCP MD5 Peers

When using TCP MD5 protection on BGP, this option defines MD5 passwords used to communicate with specific remote peers. This must be defined separately as it requires special handling in the operating system outside of FRR.

Raw Configuration Management

The Update Running button reads the current FRR configuration into the Running frr.conf field on this page.

Raw Configuration Files

Saved frr.conf

This is the FRR configuration which will be loaded by FRR when starting up.

Running frr.conf

This is the configuration data currently active in FRR. Editing the running configuration will result in changes to the active FRR configuration, but is not stored long term.

To save the configuration for later use (e.g. when booting up or restarting FRR), click the Copy frr.conf Running to Saved button.

To refresh this based on the current information from the running instance of FRR, click Update Running in the Raw Configuration Management section.