Status Traffic Totals

This package displays different ways to view the traffic usage generated by the network traffic monitoring tool vnStat.

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Similar tools are available for pfSense bandwith monitoring How can I monitor bandwidth usage


Every NIC is added on install. So if a NIC is added (or removed) on the pfSense® box, remove the package and install again. If the pfSense router has data for a NIC vnStat will report the data even if the NIC has been removed.

A reinstall of the package will not change this as the core pfSense system has data pertaining to the non existent data and thus other packages such as vnstat2 will report the data it has or has found

Known Issues

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The pfSense bug tracker contains a list of known issues with this package.

Package Support

This package is currently supported by Netgate TAC to those with an active support subscription.