OSPF Neighbor Configuration

OSPF neighbors are managed at Services > FRR OSPF on the Neighbors tab.

The Neighbors tab contains a list of current OSPF neighbors, if any, and controls to manage the entries (e.g. edit, delete). The fa-plus Add button creates a new neighbor.

In most cases OSPF neighbors do not need to be added manually. In certain environments with links which do not support multicast, manual neighbor definitions allow FRR to locate neighbors statically. This can be useful to work around limitations imposed by certain point-to-point links or VPN configurations.

The remaining sections on this page cover the various options available when creating or editing a neighbor entry.

Neighbor Options

OSPF Neighbor IPv4 Address:

The IPv4 address of this OSPF neighbor.


Text describing this neighbor.

Neighbor Priority:

A priority value applied to neighbors in a down state.

Dead Neighbor Polling Interval:

Time, in seconds, between sending OSPF Hello messages to neighbors in a down state.