Open VM Tools package

This package installs VMware Tools for pfSense® software, using the Open VM Tools available from VMware. It is built using the open-vm-tools-nox11 FreeBSD port.


There is no GUI, the services are automatically started at boot time.

Verifying functionality

There are two portions of this package, the vmware-guestd process and the kernel modules.

Verifying vmtoolsd

Navigate to Diagnostics > Command, and in Execute shell command, enter the following:

ps uxawww | grep vmtoolsd

Output similar to the following will be shown:

$ ps uxawww | grep vmtoolsd
1026  ??  Ss     0:20.84 /usr/local/bin/vmtoolsd -c /usr/local/share/vmware-tools/tools.conf -p /usr/local/lib/open-vm-tools/plugins/vmsvc
19157  ??  SN     0:00.00 sh -c ps ax|grep vmware
19159  ??  RN     0:00.00 grep vmware (sh)

As long as vmtoolsd is shown in the output, it is working.

Known issues

See also

The pfSense software issue tracker contains a list of known issues with this package.

Package Support

This package is currently supported by Netgate TAC to those with an active support subscription.