Backup Files and Directories with the Backup Package

The Backup package allows any given set of files/folders on the system to be backed up and restored. For most, this is not necessary, but it can be useful for backing up RRD data or for packages that may have customized files that are not kept in config.xml.

To install the package:

  • Navigate to System > Packages

  • Locate Backup in the list

  • Click Install at the end of its entry

  • Click Confirm to begin the installation

Once installed, the package is available at Diagnostics > Backup Files/Dir. It is fairly simple to use, as shown in the following example.

Backing up RRD Data

Using this Backup package it is quite easy to make a backup of RRD graph data outside of the config.xml method.

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > Backup Files/Dir

  • Click Add to add a new location to the backup set

  • Enter RRD Files in the Name field

  • Enter /var/db/rrd in the Path field

  • Set Enabled to True

  • Enter RRD Graph Data Files in the Description

  • Click Save

  • Click the Backup button to download the backup archive, which contains the configured files and directories for the backup set.

  • Save the file in a safe location and consider keeping multiple copies if the data is important.

Restoring RRD Data

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > Backup Files/Dir

  • Click Browse

  • Locate and select the backup archive file downloaded previously

  • Click Upload to restore the files

For this example, because the RRD files are only touched when updated once every 60 seconds, it is not necessary to reboot or restart any services once the files are restored.