BGP Status

The status page for BGP can be found at Status > FRR, BGP tab. It can also be accessed by visiting the Status tab while configuring BGP options.

See also

For general FRR status information, see FRR Status.

BGP Routes

A list of routes being advertised to BGP and received from BGP. The list includes information about the status of the route, its origin, AS path, and metrics.

BGP IPv6 Routes

Same as BGP Routes but for IPv6 routes.

BGP Summary

A high-level overview of BGP operations, including a brief list of neighbors and a summary of their activity and statistics.

BGP Neighbors

Detailed information about BGP peers and their status, including the state of the neighbor (e.g. Established), its capabilities, and much more.

BGP Peer Groups

Information about BGP Peer Groups, if any are in use.

BGP Next Hops

A list of known route targets kept in a cache by FRR.

BGP Memory

A summary of memory (RAM) consumed by BGP.