OSPF6 Area Configuration

OSPF6 Areas are managed at Services > FRR OSPF6 on the Areas tab.

The Areas tab contains a list of current OSPF6 areas, if any, and controls to manage the entries (e.g. edit, delete). The fa-plus Add button creates a new area.

The remaining sections on this page cover the various options available when creating or editing an area entry.

Area Options


A designation for the set of networks to which this router belongs. Can be any number capable of being expressed in dotted quad notation (IPv4 address) or as a 32-bit unsigned integer.


Some text describing this area.

Area Type:

Defines how this area behaves. For a list of all types and how they operate, see Area Types.


The list of area types supported by OSPF6 is shorter than OSPF. Consult the GUI drop-down for a current list of supported area types.

Range Overrides

The Ranges list overrides the more specific ranges automatically determined from interfaces or by manual entry on the main configuration page. For example, this can be used to summarize routes or to prevent certain prefixes from being advertised.

When summarizing routes, instead of Type 1 (Router) and Type 2 (Network) LSAs, OSPF6 creates Type 3 Summary LSAs instead.

The options here can be repeated for multiple prefixes. Click fa-plus Add for each additional prefix.


The prefix to override.

Do Not Advertise:

Disable advertisement for this prefix.


Apply the specified cost to summarized routes for this prefix.


An entry can either set Do Not Advertise or it can set Cost, but it cannot set both at the same time.

ABR Summary Route Filtering

Export List:

Uses the given ACL to limit Type 3 summary LSA messages for intra-area paths that would otherwise be advertised. This behavior only applies if this router is the ABR for the area in question.

Import List:

Similar to export-list, but for routes announced by other routers into this area.

Filter List (Out|In):

Similar to Export List and Import List but uses prefix lists instead of ACLs, and can work in either direction.