BGP Tab Configuration

BGP Router Options


Master enable switch for BGP routing. When checked, FRR will start the BGP routing daemon and attempt to use the BGP settings in this section.

Log Adjacency Changes

When set, BGP neighbor adjacency changes will be written via syslog.

Local AS

Required. The autonomous system (AS) number for this firewall. This is typically assigned by an upstream source, an RIR, or mutually agreed upon by internal neighbors.

Router ID

Typically the highest numbered local address on the firewall. This is also frequently set as the internal or LAN side IP address of a router. It does not matter what this ID is, so long as it is given in IPv4 address notation and does not conflict with any neighbors.

Keep Alive Interval

Configures the intervals between keep alive messages.

Hold Time

How long to wait for a response before considering the peer unreachable.

Update Delay

Keeps BGP in a read-only mode for the specified time after the daemon restarts or peers are cleared.

Peer Wait

The amount of time to wait for peers to reach an established state. This starts the same time as the Update Delay and allows FRR to end the update delay early if peers are available within the given time period.

Disable Default IPv4 Unicast

When unchecked, FRR assumes the peer supports IPv4 unicast in all cases, even when the neighbor is connected over IPv6.


Enable SNMP AgentX

Enable agentx support for accessing FRR BGP data via SNMP with the net-snmp package.


Enable BGP Resource Public Key Infrastructure.

Global Neighbor Shutdown

Global Neighbor Shutdown

When checked, all neighbors are placed into an administratively shutdown state.


An optional message sent to BGP peers when in this shutdown state.

Graceful Restart/Shutdown

Disable BGP Graceful Restart

Globally disable graceful restart functionality in both restart and helper mode.

Preserve FW State

If checked, sets the forwarding state (F) bit indication that the FIB is preserved while performing a graceful restart.

Stale Path Time

The time (in seconds) FRR will to retain stale paths from a restarting peer.

Restart Time

The time (in seconds) to wait before deleting stale routes unless a BGP open message is received.

Select Defer Time

The time (in seconds) FRR defers the route selection process after it restarts.

RIB Stale Time

The time (in seconds) stale routes are retained in the RIB.

Enable BGP Graceful Shutdown

When set, BGP graceful shutdown is enabled.

RPKI Timers

Configures timers for BGP RPKI.

Polling Period

The time (in seconds) FRR waits until it queries the cache for updated data.

Expire Interval

The time (in seconds) after which FRR will expire RPKI cache data.

Retry Interval

The time (in seconds) at which FRR will retry connecting to an RPKI cache server after a connection failure.

Network Distribution

These options control networks for which FRR will distribute or redistribute routes to peers. Peers will be informed to reach these networks through this router.

Redistribute Option Choices

Each option in this section may be set to one of the following choices:


Does not distribute routes from this source.


Distributes only IPv4 routes from this source.


Distributes only IPv6 routes from this source.


Distributes both IPv4 and IPv6 routes from this source.

<Route Map Name>

Filters distribution of routes by use of the named route map.

Redistribute Local

These networks are considered local to the router.

Redistribute Connected Networks

Redistributes routes for networks which are attached to and present on interfaces of this firewall.

Redistribute FRR Static Routes

Redistributes routes for networks defined as FRR static routes in Global Settings.

Redistribute Kernel Routing Table

Redistributes routes for other networks found in the kernel routing table. This includes static routes defined in pfSense (Static Routes), as well as automatic static routes setup for other purposes.

Redistribute OSPF

These networks can be reached through OSPF neighbors, not directly on this firewall.

Redistribute OSPF Routes to BGP Neighbors

Redistributes routes for networks reachable through IPv4 OSPF neighbors.

Redistribute OSPFv3 Routes to BGP Neighbors

Redistributes routes for networks reachable through IPv6 OSPF6 (OSPFv3) neighbors.

Networks To Distribute

A manual list of networks that are advertised over BGP as belonging to the Local AS. For external BGP, this is typically the IP address block allocated by the RIR. For internal BGP, this may be a list of local networks or a summarized block.

Subnet to Route

An IPv4 subnet or IPv6 prefix to advertise to peers.


If this subnet is not in the routing table (e.g. it is a summary or aggregation) then the Network Import Check option in Advanced BGP Configuration must be uncheced.

Route Map

A route map to apply to messages advertising this network.