Firewall States Summary

The State Table Summary, accessible from Diagnostics > States Summary, provides statistics generated by an in-depth analysis of the state table and the connections therein.

The report includes the IP address, a total state count, and breakdowns by protocol and source/destination ports. Hovering over the ports shows a tooltip display of the full port list instead of the total number of ports. Depending on the firewall environment, high values by any metric may be normal.

The report includes the following categories:

By Source IP Address

States summarized by the source IP address. This is useful for finding a potential source of attack, or a port scan or similar type probe/attack.

By Destination IP Address

States summarized by the destination IP address of the connection. Useful for finding the target of an attack or identifying servers.

Total per IP Address

States summarized by all connections to or from an IP address. Useful for finding active hosts using lots of ports, such as bittorrent clients.

By IP Address Pair

Summarizes states between two IP addresses involved in active connections. Useful for finding specific client/server pairs that have unusually high numbers of connections.


The States Summary can take a long time to process and display, especially if the firewall has an exceptionally large state table or a slow processor. In cases where the state table is extremely large, the page may not display properly or the page may fail with a memory error. In these cases, the summary page cannot be used.