Reset State Table / Source Tracking Table

The page at Diagnostics > States on the Reset States can reset the contents of the state table and source tracking table.

Certain situations call for resetting the state table to force all existing connections to reestablish. The most notable examples are making changes to NAT rules, firewall block rules, or traffic shaping. When these types of changes are made, resetting the state table is the only way to make sure all connections respect the new ruleset or traffic shaping queues.


Resetting the state table is disruptive but clients may immediately reconnect provided they are still passed by the current firewall rules.

Both the state table and the source tracking table may be reset as follows:

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > States, Reset States tab

  • Check State Table to clear the contents of the state table

  • Check Source Tracking to clear the contents of the source tracking table

  • Click fa-trash Reset

  • Click OK to confirm

After confirming the action the firewall will erase the contents of the state table.


The browser will appear to lose connection with the firewall when resetting the state table. Once the browser realizes the old connection is invalid, it will reconnect. Close and reopen the browser to reconnect faster.