Source Tracking States

When using Sticky Connections the firewall maintains a source tracking table which records mappings of internal IP addresses to specific external gateways for connections that were passed by a rule utilizing a Load Balancing gateway group (Multiple gateways on the same tier).

Source tracking associations are displayed by the page at Diagnostics > States on the Source Tracking tab, which is only visible if the sticky connections option is enabled.

By default these source tracking associations only exist so long as there are active states from the internal IP address. There is a configurable timeout for these source tracking entries to allow them to exist longer if necessary.

See also

For additional information about sticky connections, see Sticky Connections.

The Source Tracking page lists the following information:


The mapping of a local IP address to a specific load balanced gateway.

# States

The number of states matching this source IP address to any destination, including traffic that is not load balanced.

# Connections

The number of states matching this source IP address which utilize the gateway. For example, connections leaving from this source to an Internet host.


The rate of packets matching this source tracking entry.

The Remove button at the end of each row will remove these associations individually.