BFD Profiles

BFD profiles hold common sets of BFD settings which can be shared my multiple BFD peers. This can speed up the configuration process when there are numerous similar peers.

BFD Profiles are managed at Services > FRR BFD on the Profiles tab.

The Profiles tab contains a list of current BFD profiles, if any, and controls to manage the entries (e.g. edit, delete). The fa-plus Add button creates a new profile.

The remaining sections on this page cover the various options available when creating or editing a profile entry.


Most of the options in BFD profiles are the same as those for BFD Peers. This document only covers the options which are set on profiles only, not those shared with peers.

Profile Configuration


The name of this profile. This name appears in the drop-down list for Profile on the BFD Peers configuration.


Marks sessions using this profile as passive.

A passive session will not attempt to start the connection and will wait for control packets from peer before it begins replying.

Profile Options

Minimum TTL:

For multihop sessions only, configure a specific minimum expected TTL value for incoming BFD control packets.

This feature tightens the packet validation requirements to avoid receiving BFD control packets from other sessions.

The default value is 254 which means there is only one hop between this router and the peer.