Managing Widgets

Each widget follows basic conventions for controlling its position, size, settings, and so on.

Adding and Removing Widgets

To add widgets, click the fa-plus button in the Dashboard controls area of the breadcrumb bar (Dashboard Controls in the Breadcrumb Bar.) This button displays the list of available widgets.


Dashboard Controls in the Breadcrumb Bar

Inside the Available Widgets panel, click the name of a widget to add it to the Dashboard (See Available Widgets List). The dashboard will reload with the new widget displayed in one of its columns.


Available Widgets List

To close and remove a widget from the Dashboard, click the fa-times-circle button in its title bar (Widget Title Bar), then click fa-save in the dashboard controls.


Widget Title Bar

Rearranging Widgets

Widgets can be rearranged and moved between columns.

To move a widget, click and drag its title bar (Figure Widget Title Bar), move the mouse to the desired position, and then release. The widget will “snap” into its new position as it moves, so the new location may be previewed before releasing the mouse button.

After positioning a widget, click fa-save in the dashboard controls to store its new location (Dashboard Controls in the Breadcrumb Bar).

Minimizing Widgets

To minimize a widget so it hides its content and only shows up as its title bar, click the fa-minus-circle button in its title bar (Widget Title Bar).

To restore the widget to its normal display, click the fa-plus-circle button.

After changing the widget status, click fa-save in the dashboard controls.

Changing Widget Settings

Some widgets have customizable settings which control how they display and update their content.

If a widget supports custom settings, the fa-wrench button will show up in its title bar as seen in Figure Widget Title Bar. Click that button and the settings for the widget will appear. Once the settings have been adjusted, click the Save button inside of the widget settings panel.