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Open VM Tools package

This package installs VMware Tools for pfSense® software, using the Open VM Tools available from VMware. It is built using the open-vm-tools-nox11 FreeBSD port.


There is no web GUI, the services are automatically started at boot time.

Verifying functionality

There are two portions of this package, the vmware-guestd process and the kernel modules.

Verifying vmtoolsd

Navigate to Diagnostics > Command, and in Execute shell command, enter the following:

ps uxawww | grep vmtoolsd

Output similar to the following will be shown:

$ ps uxawww | grep vmtoolsd
1026  ??  Ss     0:20.84 /usr/local/bin/vmtoolsd -c /usr/local/share/vmware-tools/tools.conf -p /usr/local/lib/open-vm-tools/plugins/vmsvc
19157  ??  SN     0:00.00 sh -c ps ax|grep vmware
19159  ??  RN     0:00.00 grep vmware (sh)

As long as vmtoolsd is shown in the output, it is working.

Known issues

See also

You can find a list of known issues with the Open VM Tools package on the pfSense bug tracker.

Package Support

This package is currently supported by Netgate Global Support to those with an active support subscription.