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Automatic NAT Rules Generation

In a default single WAN connection configuration, pfSense® software automatically generates NAT rules for every directly connected interface and any networks reachable through internal gateways defined via Static Routes. These NAT rules will perform NAT on outbound traffic to translate the source address of Internet-bound traffic to the WAN IP.

In a default multi-WAN configuration, pfSense software automatically generates NAT rules to NAT any internal subnet leaving any interface with a gateway.

The Outbound NAT Configuration may be changed by visiting Firewall > NAT on the Outbound tab.

With Manual Outbound NAT, this automatic rule generation may be disabled and custom outbound NAT rules may be defined manually. When switching to Manual Outbound NAT without any rules defined, a set of rules is created automatically that is the equivalent of the rules currently in use by Automatic Outbound NAT.