Selecting Boot Environments in the Loader Menu

At boot, pfSense® software briefly displays the loader menu with a logo and several options to control the boot behavior.

This loader menu will contain an option for ZFS Boot Environments, typically option 8 but may vary depending on the platform.


Loader Menu - Enter the number for the Boot Environments option

Press the option for Boot Environments and the loader will display a new menu with ZFS Boot Environment options.


Boot Environment Selection Menu

From this menu:

  • Press option 2 to cycle through all available boot environments. Stop when the desired ZFS Boot Environment name is shown.

  • Press option 3 to change the bootfs location if it is not correct

    This is unnecessary in the vast majority of cases as it likely only has one option.

  • Press the Enter key to boot the selected Boot Environment or press 1 to return to the previous menu and change other options.


This change is not persistent and the next boot after will return to the default ZFS Boot Environment. To make this change persist, select the entry in the GUI using fa-star-o.