Troubleshooting Bogon Network List Updates

Make sure the firewall can resolve DNS host names and can reach the bogons host, otherwise the update will fail.

To ensure the firewall can resolve the bogon update host via DNS, perform a DNS Lookup:

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > DNS Lookup

  • Enter in the Hostname field

  • Click fa-search Lookup

If that fails, troubleshoot DNS resolution for the firewall itself.

If that works, then perform a port test as demonstrated in Figure Testing Connectivity for Bogon Updates:

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > Test Port

  • Enter in the Hostname field

  • Enter 80 in the Port field

  • Click fa-wrench Test


Testing Connectivity for Bogon Updates

If that fails, troubleshoot connectivity from the firewall.

Forcing a Bogon Network List Update

With the relatively infrequent changes to the bogons list, and advance notice of new public IP assignments, a monthly bogons update is adequate. However there may be scenarios where a manual bogon update can help, such as if the bogon updates have been failing because of an incorrect DNS configuration. Execute an update via the GUI:

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > Tables

  • Select bogons or bogonsv6 from the Table list

  • Click fa-refresh Update