Managing Lists of Items in the GUI

The WebGUI has a common set of icons which are used for managing lists and collections of objects throughout the firewall. Not every icon is used in every page, but their meanings are consistent based on the context in which they are seen. Examples of such lists include firewall rules, NAT rules, IPsec, OpenVPN, and certificates.

fa-plus:Add a new item to a list
fa-level-up:Add an item to the beginning of a list
fa-level-down:Add an item to the end of a list
fa-pencil:Edit an existing item
fa-clone:Copy an item (create a new item based on the selected item)
fa-ban:Disable an active item
fa-cso:Enable a disabled item
fa-trash:Delete an item
fa-anchor:Used for moving entries after selecting one or more items. Click to move the selected items above this row. Shift-click to move the selected items below this row.


To determine which action an icon will perform, hover over the icon with the mouse pointer and a tooltip will display a short description of the icon’s purpose.