Quickly Navigate the GUI with Shortcuts

Many areas of the GUI have shortcut icons present in the area known as the “Breadcrumb Bar”, as seen in Figure Shortcuts Example. These shortcut icons reduce the amount of hunting required to locate related pages, allowing a firewall administrator to navigate quickly between the status page of a service, its logs, and configuration. The shortcuts for a given topic are present on each page related to that topic.


Shortcuts Example


Shortcut icons only appear when their respective actions are possible and the target pages exist. Not every section has every icon.

The shortcut icons have the following effects when they appear in the GUI:

fa-play-circle Start Service:

If the service is stopped, this icon starts the service.

fa-arrow-rotate-right Restart Service:

If the service is running, this icon restarts the service.


Some services will stop and start, others reload the configuration. Check the documentation of each service for details.

fa-stop-circle Stop Service:

If the service is running, this icon stops the service.

fa-sliders Related Settings:

This icon navigates to the settings page for this section.

fa-chart-bar Status Page Link:

This icon navigates to the status page for this section.

fa-rectangle-list Log Page Link:

This icon navigates to the logs page for this section.

fa-question-circle Help Link:

This icon navigates to a related help topic for this page.

The Service Status page (Status > Services) also has shortcut controls for pages related to each service, as shown in Figure Shortcuts on Service Status. The icons have the same meaning as in the above section.


Shortcuts on Service Status