Resetting to Factory Defaults

The firewall configuration can be reset back to defaults, a process which also attempts to remove any installed packages. This reset can be performed in the GUI from Diagnostics > Factory Defaults, by using the console menu, or in some cases by using a hardware button.

In each case, the firewall will automatically reboot with a default configuration after the reset, which may require console access to resolve.


This process does not remove any changes made to the file system, it only resets the configuration.

If system files have been corrupted or altered in an undesirable way, the best practice is to make a backup and reinstall from installation media.

Factory Default from the GUI

To reset the configuration to factory defaults using the GUI:

  • Navigate to Diagnostics > Factory Defaults

  • Review the items on the page which will be affected by the reset

  • Click fa-undo Factory Reset

  • Click OK to confirm the action and start the reset process

Factory Default from the Console

To reset the configuration to factory defaults using the console:

  • Access the console menu locally or via SSH with an admin-level account (admin, root, or another privileged account using sudo).

  • Enter the menu option which corresponds with Reset to factory defaults (e.g. 4)

  • Press Enter

  • Enter the y to confirm the action

  • Press Enter to start the reset process

Factory Default using a Hardware Button

On some appliances from Netgate, the reset button may be depressed with a paperclip or other similar object during the boot sequence.


Reset button behavior varies by hardware. Check the appropriate product manual to confirm support and button behavior before attempting this procedure.

For most hardware which supports this feature, the procedure is similar:

  • Apply power to the unit

  • Depress the reset button after the initial POST sequence completes

  • Hold the reset button in until the system LEDs turn off or the system reboots

The unit will reset the configuration to factory defaults and reboot again with that default configuration.