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Resetting to Factory Defaults

The firewall configuration can be reset back to defaults by visiting Diagnostics > Factory Defaults. A reminder of some of the defaults is printed on the Factory Defaults page.

By clicking Yes, the configuration will be defaulted, and the system rebooted.

A factory reset may also be performed from the console menu either via VGA or serial, or by SSH as the admin or root user. Choose the menu option for factory reset and then confirm the action.

On some embedded units, as well as appliances from Netgate, the reset button may be depressed with a paperclip or other small object during the boot sequence. Hold the button in until the lights turn off. The unit will reset the configuration to factory defaults and reboot again with that default configuration.


This does not remove any changes made to the file system, it only changes the configuration. Installed package binaries would be left in place.