Should pfSense software act as an access point?

Historically, the access point functionality in FreeBSD has suffered from serious compatibility or performance problems with some wireless clients. Over time this has improved significantly. pfSense® software access points are used in various locations with no trouble. It is used with various clients such as MacBook Pro, Apple AirTunes, Mac mini, iPod Touch, Android devices, Palm, various Windows laptops, Xbox 360, and FreeBSD clients and it works very reliably.

There is the possibility of finding incompatible devices with any access point. FreeBSD is no exception and it can be more common with FreeBSD than other access points. Using pfSense software as an access point can work quite well with the right card and configuration.

In general, the best practice is Using an External Wireless Access Point, especially if clients require 802.11ac or newer standards. Placing that burden on an external device and allowing pfSense software to focus on the firewall/routing/NAT/etc is simpler in the long run. An access point may still be connected to a dedicated interface or VLAN for isolation purposes.

Incompatible wireless clients

There are no known incompatible devices at this time.