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Configuring the SNMP Daemon

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Daemon, located at Services > SNMP, allows querying certain status information from pfSense® software with an SNMP client, such as those in Network Monitoring Systems.

At a minimum, to enable the service, set a Polling Port (Default is udp/161) and a Read Community String. It is strongly recommended that the Read Community String be changed, as the default “public” value is a well-known default across vendors and may lead to unintended information leaks.

SNMP trap generation may also be enabled. Fill in the Trap server, Trap server Port, and SNMP Trap String.

Modules for the SNMP daemon may also be loaded or unloaded. Modules provide specific collections of information or capabilities for the SNMP daemon, but they also consume more system resources to do so. Reducing the number of modules also limits the amount of information that could be exposed via SNMP should the service be queried by an untrusted source.

To get the latest set of MIBs for translating “enterprises” (Fokus) , they are installed at /usr/share/snmp/mibs on the firewall itself.

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