IGMP Proxy

The Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Proxy provides a means to proxy multicast traffic between network segments.

The IGMP Proxy service can be found at Services > IGMP Proxy.

IGMP Proxy Settings

The IGMP Proxy service has the following settings:


The interface to be used for this instance


Optional text to describe this instance


The type of network interface defined by this instance

Upstream Interface

The outgoing interface which is responsible for communicating to available multicast data sources. There can only be one upstream interface.

Downstream Interface

The distribution interfaces to the destination networks, where multicast clients can join groups and receive multicast data. One or more downstream interfaces must be configured.


For a working IGMP Proxy configuration, one upstream and at least one downstream interface must be defined.


The TTL threshold for forwarded data on an interface, to prevent looping from occurring. Packets with a TTL lower than the value in this field will be ignored. The default TTL is 1 if the field is left blank.


A list of CIDR-masked Network entries to control what subnets are allowed to have their multicast data proxied. Click fa-plus Add Network to enter additional networks.

IGMP Proxy Configuration

To configure the IGMP Proxy:

  • Navigate to Services > IGMP Proxy

  • Click fa-plus Add to create a new interface instance

  • Configure the instance

  • Click Save

IGMP requires a firewall rule on the Downstream side (e.g. LAN) to pass its multicast traffic. In the Advanced Options of the firewall rule, Allow packets with IP Options must be enabled.