Host Overrides

Host override entries provide a means to configure customized DNS entries. The configuration is identical to Host Overrides in the DNS Resolver, refer there for details. The main difference is that overrides in the DNS Forwarder only support a single address per entry.

Domain Overrides

Domain overrides configure an alternate DNS server to use for resolving a specific domain. The configuration is similar to Domain Overrides in the DNS Resolver, but there are a few differences:

IP Address

This field can be used in one of three ways to control how the DNS Forwarder handles queries for the given Domain:

  • To specify the IP Address of a DNS server to which the DNS Forwarder will send queries for hostnames in the Domain.

  • To override another entry by entering #.

    For example, to forward to, but have forward on to the standard name servers, enter a # in this field.

  • To prevent non-local lookups by entering a !.

    If host override entries exist for and, but other lookups for hosts under must not be forwarded on to remote DNS servers, enter a ! in this field.

Source IP

The source IP address that the DNS Forwarder will use when sending queries to the DNS server in this domain override.

This field is optional and primarily used to contact a DNS server across a VPN where the VPN requires queries to have a specific source.