2.3.5-p1 New Features and Changes

Security / Errata


  • Fixed an issue in the User and Group Manager pages when operating on entries immediately after deleting an entry #7733
  • Fixed sorting of Services on the dashboard widget and Services Status page #8069
  • Fixed display of available updates on the Installed Packages Dashboard widget #8035
  • Fixed display of packages which have been removed from the repository in the Package Manager #7946
  • Fixed the OpenVPN Client Certificate Revocation List option #8088
  • Fixed an issue with the Pictures widget when there is no valid picture saved #7896
  • Fixed an indexing issue when deleting Host Override entries from the DNS Forwarder #8159
  • Fixed a premature session timeout issue on pages which update exclusively using AJAX, such as status_graph.php #8116
  • Fixed ping_hosts.sh so it does not unnecessarily run a CARP check when there are no IPsec hosts to ping #8172
  • Fixed a missing global variable declaration in interface IP address detection