2.3.3-p1 New Features and Changes

The pfSense® software version 2.3.3-p1 errata release is a minor release after 2.3.3 and contains beneficial security and bug fixes.

Security / Errata

  • Updated to FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p17

  • Upgraded cURL to 7.53.0 (CVE-2017-2629)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with the upgrade check seeing the version of pfSense-upgrade instead of pfSense in some circumstances. #7343

  • Fixed handling of domain-only (@ record) updates for CloudFlare Dynamic DNS #7357

  • Fixed a problem with the Dynamic DNS Widget where RFC2136 entries showed an incorrect status #7290

  • Fixed Dynamic DNS status widget formatting for medium with browser window #7301

  • Fixed a problem with HTML tags showing in certificate description drop-down lists in the Certificate Manager #7296

  • Fixed an error loading some older rules with ICMP types #7299

  • Fixed display of selected ICMP types for old rules without an ipprotocol option set #7300

  • Fixed Log widget filter interface selection with custom interface descriptions #7306

  • Fixed the widget Filter All button so it does not affect all widgets #7317

  • Fixed the password reset script so it resets the expiration date for the admin account when run, to avoid the user still being locked out #7354

  • Fixed the password reset script so it properly handles the case when the admin account has been removed from config.xml #7354

  • Fixed input validation of TCP State Timeout on firewall rules so it is not arbitrarily limited to a maximum of 3600 seconds #7356

  • Fixed console settings for XG-1540/XG-1541 to use the correct default console #7358

  • Fixed initial setup handling of VLAN interfaces when they were assigned at the console before running the Setup Wizard #7364

  • Fixed display of OpenSSL and input errors when working in the Certificate Manager #7370

  • Fixed Captive Portal “disconnect all” button

  • Fixed pkg handling timeouts #6594

  • Updated blog URL in the RSS widget

  • Removed whirlpool from the list of CA/certificate digest algorithms since it does not work #7370