Gateway Logs

The gateway logs can be found through the pfSense® software GUI under Status > System Logs on the System/Gateways sub-tab.

This log contains entries from the gateway monitoring daemon, dpinger, which can generate a significant amount of logging with many gateways to monitor.

The entries found here will record events such as when a gateway is down, or in an alarm state, or has returned to an online state.

Interpreting Gateway Logs

The gateway logs contain several types of messages that some users may find initially confusing. The most common log messages are:

Monitoring startup

These messages are logged when gateway monitoring starts or restarts, one line per gateway.


These logs are normal and do not indicate a problem.

dpinger[34996]: send_interval 500ms  loss_interval 2000ms  time_period 60000ms
  report_interval 0ms  data_len 1  alert_interval 1 000ms  latency_alarm 500ms
  loss_alarm 20%  dest_addr bind_addr identifier "WAN_GW"
Gateway Alarm

This type of message indicates that a gateway entered an “Alarm” state. For example, due to connectivity loss between the firewall and the monitor address.

dpinger[11000]: WAN_GW Alarm latency 4807us stddev 1790us loss 21%
Gateway Recovery

This type of log message indicates a gateway is recovering from an Alarm state and is now available for use.

dpinger[11000]: WAN_GW Clear latency 4464us stddev 1028us loss 5%