Disabling Sounds/Beeps

Some hardware has a PC Speaker which can be used as a means of notification. By default, the firewall will play a tone at startup/shutdown and will emit a beep when a user logs into the GUI. Additionally, some packages are capable of producing beeps for events.

Disable Startup/Shutdown Tune

The startup and shutdown tunes may be disabled as follows:

  • Navigate to System > Advanced, Notifications tab

  • Check Disable the startup/shutdown beep

  • Click Save

Disable Login Beep

The GUI login beep happens because the GUI login event is recorded by syslog under the LOG_AUTH facility. Messages in this facility trigger the operating system to generate a beep. To disable the beep, the GUI login messages must be suppressed as follows:

  • Navigate to System > Advanced, Admin Access tab

  • Check Disable logging of webConfigurator successful logins

  • Click Save

Disable All Sounds

As an alternative, the system bell may be disabled globally:

  • Navigate to System > Advanced, System Tunables tab

  • Click fa-plus to create a new tunable entry using the following values:




    Control system sounds



  • Click Save