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Captive Portal Zones

Captive Portal zones define separate portals for different sets of interfaces. For example, LAN and Wireless could use one portal, while a conference room would get a separate portal page. Each zone has separate settings for HTML pages, authentication, allowed addresses, and so on. A zone must be created before its settings can be changed.


A zone may have multiple interfaces, but an interface may only be a member of one zone. Attempting to add the same interface to multiple zones will result in an error.

Managing Captive Portal Zones

Captive Portal zones are managed at Services > Captive Portal. A list of zones is displayed there, and zones may be added, edited, or deleted from that list.

To create a new Captive Portal zone:

  • Navigate to Services > Captive Portal

  • Click fa-plus Add

  • Enter a Zone Name, which may only consist of letters, digits, numbers, and underscores. Spaces and other special characters may not be used

  • Enter an optional Zone Description to further describe the zone, if desired

  • Click Save & Continue to move on to the portal settings for the zone

To edit an existing zone, click fa-pencil at the end of its row.

To delete an existing zone, click fa-trash at the end of its row, and then click to confirm the action.