MAC Address Control

The MACs tab defines actions for MAC addresses that can be either passed through the portal for this zone without requiring authentication, or blocked from reaching the portal.

To manage these MAC entries:

  • Navigate to Services > Captive Portal

  • Click fa-pencil on the line for the Zone to edit

  • Click the MACs tab

  • Click fa-plus Add to add a new entry

  • Fill in the form as follows:


    Defines the action to take on this entry:


    Always allow traffic through from this MAC address without authentication.


    Always deny traffic from this MAC address

    MAC address:

    The MAC address of the device to allow. The value must be colon-separated pairs of digits, such as 00:11:22:33:44:55.


    Some text describing the entry, if desired.

    Bandwidth up/down:

    The amount of bandwidth that this device may use, specified in Kilobits per second. Leave blank to not specify a limit.

  • Click Save

From this page, an entry may be edited by clicking fa-pencil on its row, or deleted by clicking fa-trash-can.