Allowed IP Address

The Allowed IP Address tab works similarly to the MACs tab, except it checks IP addresses instead of MAC addresses. Traffic matching the specified IP address and the configured direction will always be allowed through the portal with no authentication in this zone.

IP Address:

The IP address of the device to always pass through the portal.


Some text describing the entry, if desired.


The direction to allow traffic matching this IP address.


Allow traffic sourced from this IP address through the portal, such as a local client IP address attempting to reach the Internet, or the IP address of a management client that must reach hosts on the portal network.


Allow traffic with this IP address as a destination, such as a local web server IP address that must be reached via port forward, or a remote web server IP address which clients must always reach.


Allow traffic both to and from this IP address.

Bandwidth up/down:

The amount of bandwidth that this device may use. Leave blank to not specify a limit.