Hardware Limitations

Traffic shaping is performed with the help of ALTQ. Unfortunately, only a subset of all supported network cards are capable of using these features because the drivers must be altered to support ALTQ shaping. The following network cards are capable of using traffic shaping:

ae(4), age(4), alc(4), ale(4), an(4), aue(4), axe(4), bce(4), bfe(4), bge(4), bridge(4), cas(4), cpsw(4), cxl(4), dc(4), de(4), ed(4), em(4), ep(4), epair(4), et(4), fxp(4), gem(4), hme(4), hn(4), igb(4), ix(4), jme(4), l2tp(4), le(4), lem(4), msk(4), mxge(4), my(4), ndis(4), nfe(4), ng(4), nge(4), npe(4), nve(4), ovpnc(4), ovpns(4), ppp(4), pppoe(4), pptp(4), re(4), rl(4), sf(4), sge(4), sis(4), sk(4), ste(4), stge(4), ti(4), tun(4), txp(4), udav(4), ural(4), vge(4), vlan(4), vmx(4), vr(4), vte(4), vtnet(4), xl(4)

Limiters use a different backend system, operating through dummynet pipes in ipfw and not through ALTQ. As such, all network cards may be used for Limiters, there are no restrictions. If a firewall contains a card that does not support ALTQ, it may use limiters instead.