Factory Reset Procedure

This procedure performs a factory reset using the hardware reset button on the Netgate 8300. This button is located on the rear side of the unit toward the left end, between the power and console connectors and under the power button. See Input and Output Ports for reference photos.

Unlike some other models of Netgate hardware, the reset procedure on Netgate 8300 can be triggered while the device is running and does not require complicated timing.

  1. Power on the device if it is not already running.

    If the device is booting, wait for the Circle LED to start flashing green or turn solid green.

  2. Press and hold the reset button.


    This is the recessed button beneath the USB ports and may require a pen, paperclip, or similar tool to press.

    The LEDs will start to fill in amber one by one (Circle, Square, then Diamond) while the button is held in the depressed state.

  3. Continue holding in the button until all of the LEDs start flashing amber.

    This will take approximately 8 seconds. Once the LEDs start flashing amber, the factory reset is in progress and the button can be released. The device will reboot automatically.

    To cancel the reset procedure, release the button at any point before the LEDs begin to flash amber. The Circle LED will return to a solid green state indicating that the reset has been canceled.

  4. Wait for the system to complete the reset and finish the boot process.

    At the end of the boot process the LEDs will return to the ready state, with the Circle LED solid green.

When the device boots again it will be at its factory default settings and accessible from the LAN at

If this procedure fails, connect to the console and perform a factory reset there.