Re-arm the Chassis Intrusion Switch

The chassis on Netgate 8300 has an intrusion detection function. If the chassis has been opened the intrusion switch will be tripped even if the power was off.


Chassis intrusion switch events and the current status of the sensor can be viewed in the IPMI web interface (Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)), but the only supported method to re-arm the sensor at this time is via IPMI CLI utilities.


While the intrusion alarm is active the system fans run at a higher fixed speed than normal. Re-arming the intrusion sensor returns the fan to their typical profiled speeds.

Re-arm Using IPMI CLI Utilities

The intrusion switch can be re-armed using ipmitool either locally or over the network. The following steps assumine the procedure is being performed locally on the Netgate 8300.

  • Replace and fasten the chassis cover completely.

  • Load the IPMI kernel module

    # kldload ipmi
  • Re-arm chassis intrusion sensor two times:

    # ipmitool raw 0x04 0x2a 0x04 0x00
    # ipmitool raw 0x04 0x2a 0x04 0x00
  • Check the Chassis intrusion sensor, it should read a value of 0x0080

    # ipmitool sensor list | grep -i physical
    Physical Scrty | 0x0 | discrete | 0x0080| na | na | na | na | na | na
  • Unload the IPMI kernel module

    # kldunload ipmi