Can I sell pfSense software

Many consulting companies offer solutions based on pfSense® software to their customers. A business or individual can load pfSense software for themselves, friends, relatives, employers, and, yes, even customers, so long as the Trademark Guidelines and Apache 2.0 license requirements as detailed on the website are obeyed by all parties involved.

What can not be offered is a commercial redistribution of pfSense® software, for example the guidelines do not permit someone to offer “Installation of pfSense® software” as a service or to sell a device pre-loaded with pfSense® software to customers without the prior express written permission of ESF pursuant to the trademark policy.

Example 1

A consultant may offer firewall services (e.g. “Fred’s Firewalls”), without mentioning pfSense® software or using the logo in their advertising, marketing material, and so on. They can install pfSense® software and manage it for their customers.

Example 2

Fred’s Firewalls may make a customized distribution pfSense® software with their own name and logo used in place of the pfSense marks. They can use the pfSense marks to truthfully describe the origin of the software, such as “Fred’s Firewall software is derived from the pfSense CE source code.” Even though Fred’s Firewall is based on pfSense® software, it cannot be referred to as “pfSense® software” since it has been modified.

Example 3

Fred’s Firewalls may sell their customized firewall distribution pre-loaded on systems to customers, so long as the relationship to pfSense software is clearly stated.

The Apache 2.0 license only applies to the software and not the pfSense name and logo, which are trademarks and may not be used without a license. Reading and understanding the trademark policy document is required before one considers selling pfSense software.

Contributing Back to the Project

We ask anyone profiting by using pfSense software to contribute to the project in some fashion. Ideally with the level of contributions from a business or individual corresponding to the amount of financial gain received from use of pfSense software. Many paths exist for resellers and consultants to contribute. For the long term success of the project this support is critically important.

  • Purchase hardware and merchandise from the Netgate Store.

  • Become a Netgate Partner to resell Netgate hardware pre-loaded with pfSense software.

  • Development contributions - Dedicate a portion of internal developers’ time to open source development.

  • Help with support and documentation - Assisting users on the forum and mailing list, or contributing documentation changes, aides the overall project.

  • Support subscription via Netgate TAC Having direct access to our team for any questions or deployment assistance helps ensure success.