Finding Information and Getting Help

This section offers guidance on finding information in this documentation, on pfSense® software in general, as well as providing further resources.

Finding Information

The search function on the documentation is the easiest way to find information on a specific topic. The most common features and deployments of pfSense software are covered in this documentation. When reading the HTML version of the documentation, the search function is in the upper left of the page. When reading an eBook style copy, consult the documentation for the book reader software for information on how to search.

There is a wealth of additional information and user experiences available on the various Netgate websites. The best way to search the sites is a Google search appending to the query. This will search the website, forum, documentation, etc. which are all official sources of information.

Getting Help

A help icon is available on almost every page, fa-question-circle, and links to the associated page in documentation.

Netgate offers several other ways to get help with pfSense software, including the Netgate Forum and this documentation. There is also a pfSense subreddit where community members can assist each other. More information can be found on the Netgate website at Obtaining Support. Many of these links are reachable from the Help menu in the GUI.